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Inglewood Unified School District
  • Position Number: 2003715
  • Location: Inglewood, CA
  • Position Type: Education - Special Education

Instructional Assistant - Special Needs

Salary: $13.33 - $16.54 Hourly
Location: Various locations within Inglewood Unified School District, CA
Job Type: Part-Time
Department: Education Services
Job Number: 10
Closing: 12/31/2020 8:00 AM Pacific

Under the direction of a special education teacher, perform a variety of duties pertaining to the instruction and care of special needs students; assist students individually or in small groups in meeting instructional goals and health-related special needs, including feeding, toileting, positioning, monitoring, and behavioral concerns.

Assist in the instruction of individual and small groups of students, reinforcing lessons and instructions provided by the teacher; provide guidance to students in learning activities such as drills, practices and exercises and assist in monitoring student progress and performance.
Assist students with basic and special health care needs which may include assistance with washing hands and face, brushing teeth, toileting and diapering, changing clothing, feeding, and other assistance required by the individual student, and as directed by professional medical staff.
Monitor and maintain the health and safety of students with chronic and acute health needs; administer first aid, CPR, and other health related interventions according to established policies, guidelines and protocols, and as directed by professional medical staff.
Prepare, copy, and distribute classroom materials and visual aids in support of instructional programs; perform general clerical duties related to classroom instruction and activities; operate standard office equipment such as copy machines, laminator, typewriter, and others.
Assist students with wheelchairs, braces, and other orthopedic equipment; position and reposition students; assist students getting on and off buses; accompany students to various locations on campus.
Assist teachers in maintaining appropriate order and student conduct; respond to student outbursts and misconduct, utilizing approved behavior modification and intervention techniques in accordance with established policies and procedures.
Assist speech and physical therapists, psychologists, adaptive physical education teachers and other specialists with physical development activities; assist students in developing cognitive, gross, and fine motor skills, feeding and self-help skills, and behavior control.
Assist teacher with implementation of Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) through instruction in a variety of activities; attend IEP meetings to provide and obtain information.
Assist in the development and preparation of a variety of instructional materials and learning aides.
Confer with teachers with regard to planning and scheduling activities, instructional goals and objectives, student progress, and pertinent health or behavioral problems.
Distribute and collect instructional resource materials as assigned.
Maintain work areas in a neat and orderly condition.
Assist instructional personnel during the transporting and instructing of students in off-campus and community-based settings; ride with pupils on the bus as necessary and for field trips.

MUST have completed at least 48 semester units or the equivalent of college credit, or obtained an AA (or higher) degree.

At least one hundred (100) contact hour's paid or voluntary experience working with individuals with special needs.

Valid first-aid and CPR certificates are required within 30 days of appointment. Incumbents must attend CPI training within six (6) months of employment.

Safe practices in classroom and playground activities. Basic record-keeping and filing techniques. Appropriate classroom procedures and student conduct. Operation of standard office and classroom equipment including a computer. Principles and practices related to children with special needs. First aid and CPR.

Demonstrate an understanding, patient, and receptive attitude toward special needs children. Reinforce instruction and related activities in a classroom or assigned learning environment. Learn methods, techniques, and procedures for lifting and moving children. Learn to operate a variety of medical equipment. Learn first aid and CPR procedures. Monitor, observe, and report student health and progress according to approved policies and procedures. Understand and follow oral and written instructions.
Communicate effectively both orally and in writing. Understand and relate to children with special needs. Observe health and safety regulations.

In addition to providing health-related assistance, the Instructional Assistant - Special Needs class perform a variety of duties related to instructing special needs students in accordance with prescribed learning objectives. Incumbents in the Instructional Assistant class perform instructional duties related to reinforcement of learning objectives.

Classroom and playground settings; subject to contact with bodily fluids.

Ability to safely lift, carry, push and or pull weights up to 120 pounds with lifting devices, lifting belts or other accommodations, with frequent lifting and carrying of weights up to 25 pounds. Dexterity of hands and fingers to operate standard office equipment.
Sitting or standing for extended periods of time. Bending at the waist, kneeling, or crouching to assist students. Ability to reach above the shoulders.

To apply, visit

First screening will begin on Thursday, August 6th and then ongoing until the application deadline or until all positions are filled.

ONLY online applications will be accepted. Attach a copy of your official or unofficial transcripts to the electronic application. Failure to attach your transcripts will result in the rejection of your application. Diplomas, or any other documents, will not be accepted in place of transcripts.

You will NOT be allowed to continue in the examination process if you do not meet the requirements and attach your official or unofficial transcripts to the electronic application on or before the application closing date.

The examination process for this recruitment may be comprised of one or any combination of the following:

A "paper screening" of the applicant's training, background, and experience; evaluation of responses on a supplemental application; written examination(s); qualifications appraisal oral examination; performance examination; or technical oral examination, scored on a job-related basis. Only the most highly qualified candidates will be invited to continue in the examination process. Successful candidates who pass all parts of the examination process will be placed on the eligibility list in order of their relative merit as determined by these competitive examinations.

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