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Inglewood Unified School District
  • Position Number: 2230597
  • Location: Inglewood, CA
  • Position Type: Education - Special Education

Special Education Teacher- Preschool
Inglewood Unified School District


Our mission is to nurture, educate, and graduate students who are self-responsible and self-disciplined; who are critical and creative thinkers; who master the core academic disciplines; and who are advocates for equity and social justice for self and their community.

At every point along their educational journey, each student will be provided personalized opportunities and equitable resources for consistent academic and social-emotional growth, steady progress toward high school completion, and readiness for post-secondary experiences of their choosing.

Under direction of the Principal, teach and instruct preschool students who require remedial and specialized assistance in academic, social, and behavioral skill areas; plan, develop, organize, and assist in the operation of a comprehensive individualized educational program for students experiencing multiple learning handicaps; assist instructional personnel responsible for students with learning disorders in making an appropriate adjustment to an educational program requiring an increased level of independence; perform other related functions as required.

The Preschool Teacher provides: 1) support for the instructional program for students with special needs, 2) pertinent information and consultant services to staff members and parents, 3) on-going student assessment and evaluation, 4) on-going planning with regular classroom teachers and also promotes and supports the school Student Study Team/TAT.



1. Develops educational plans for the purpose of meeting the individual needs of exceptional students.
2. Evaluates students for the purpose of identifying student needs.
3. Coordinates services to students for the purpose of ensuring efficient instructions and an effective cohesive program.
4. Teaches/instructs students for the purpose of ensuring successful progress towards student's goals and objectives.
5. Consults/collaborates with staff, parents, and agencies for the purpose of ensuring appropriate delivery of services and adherence to due process.
6. Schedules services for students for the purpose of providing efficient and effective services for students.

The outcome of the Preschool Teacher's job performance will be as follows:
1. A management system and structure that insures effective communication, optimum.
2. Teach and instruct students with special learning needs in subject matter areas, auditory and visual perceptual training, and fine and gross motor skill development.
3. Utilize an adopted course of study, and curriculum and instruction guidelines.
4. Use program instruction guidelines and other materials to develop lesson plans and teach outlines designed to remediate diagnosed learning dysfunctions.
5. Utilize a variety of specialized methodology in teaching and instructing students and in providing assistance to other instructional personnel, including remedial instruction, School District demonstration, and activity participation using a variety of educational equipment, materials, books, and learning aids.
6. Review, analyze, and evaluate the history and background of students with learning handicaps, and assist instructional personnel in the assessment of students with learning handicaps.
7. Design educational programs to meet individual learning needs and assist in implementing the various educational processes.
8. Individualize instructional processes, adapt instructional delivery systems.
9. Provide individual and group instruction in remediating student learning disorders and effectively utilize the available instructional time.
10. Employ a variety of behavior management strategies and techniques, including behavior modification, reinforcement, and other positive behavior shaping processes.
11. Assist in the coordination of the individual education planning team.
12. Review, analyze, and evaluate student academic, behavioral and social growth.
13. Record and report perceptions of student progress, and recommend changes to students' individual educational plans.
14. Prepare, administer, score, and record the results of criterion referenced and group standardized tests in evaluating student growth and progress.
15. Counsel, confer, and communicate with parents and instructional personnel concerning student progress and the interpretation of student's individual educational programs.
16. Arrange with regular classroom teachers for the placement of students in mainstream instructional processes.
17. Establish and maintain a suitable room environment through the proper control of heating, lighting, and ventilation.


Knowledge of:
K-12 core curriculum content;
A variety of appropriate assessment tools to identify students with special needs;
How to implement an integrated instructional program;
How to write effective, meaningful student goals and objectives;
Appropriate options of delivery methods and services;
How to coordinate services with the regular classroom curriculum;
Due education classroom and program;
Appropriate modifications and interventions of process rights and procedures;
Effective interpersonal communication techniques;
Principles, theories, techniques, and strategies pertaining to the teaching and instruction of students with multiple learning deficiencies;
Child growth and development and behavior characteristics of the elementary age child experiencing learning handicaps;
Educational curriculum and instructional goals and objectives, and the educational trends and research findings pertaining to students with learning disorders;
Behavior management and behavior shaping strategies, techniques, and methods, and conflict resolution procedures;
Socio-economic and cultural background differences of the community;
Community agencies and youth service resources.

Ability to:
Plan, organize, develop, and assist in the conduct of a comprehensive remedial instructional program for students experiencing learning handicaps;
Provide effective learning experiences for students with a wide range of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds experiencing learning dysfunctions;
Effectively assess the educational plans;
Provide and promote attractive, inviting, and stimulating learning environment;
Perform research and development activities pertaining to curriculum and instructional programs for the learning handicapped.

Minimum three years teaching experience, including two years of experience in programs for children experiencing multiple learning handicaps.

Possess a Baccalaureate or higher degree, with emphasis in special education and instructional processes.

Certification Requirement:

Possess a valid Early Childhood Special Education Credential or Education Specialist Instruction Credential with Early Childhood Special Education Certificate or Eligibility for Early Childhood Special Education Internship Credential.


Character, personality and proper social capability to relate effectively with staff, students and community. Evidence of continuing professional growth is desirable


All interested applicants must attach the materials listed below at the time of application for hiring consideration:

1. Valid California Special Education Teaching credential authorizing service in Early Childhood Special Education
2. Brief Resume outlining experience
3. Letter of Introduction
4. Three (3) current letters of reference, letters should be dated within one year
5. Transcripts showing BA (official, seal-intact transcripts will be required upon hiring)
6. CBEST test results

Qualification for employment includes completion of online training in the following areas:
- New Employee Training
-Preventing Workplace Violence
-Bloodborne Pathogens
-Sexual Harassment
-Child Abuse/Mandated Reporter

Upon offer of employment, candidates will receive information and directions regarding this training.

Comments and Other Information

Additional Salary Information:
* Upon hiring, salary placement will be determined by the number of upper division/graduate level units earned from a WASC accredited four-year college or university. Units must be earned subsequent to the date of the Bachelor's degree.

* A maximum of fifteen (15) years credit is allowed for teaching experience in a public school (K-12) or an accredited private school (K-12).

* There is a annual $1,000.00 Doctoral stipend.

For full application instructions and position description, visit:

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